protein bioinformaticsBioinformatics & Molecular Modeling Core

Core Leader, Stefano Monti
Boston University School of Medicine, Department of Medicine
Co-Leader, Sandor Vajda
Boston University, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Modeling the interactions between xenobiotics and protein receptors using structural bioinformatics and computational biology; statistically analyzing microarray data.

community engagement photoCommunity Engagement Core

Core Leader, Madeleine Scammell
Boston University School of Public Health

Acknowledging that there is a need, and a responsibility, to respond to residents living in communities affected by exposures to hazardous substances.

community gardenResearch Translation Core

Core Leader, Wendy Heiger-Bernays
Boston University School of Public Health

Making research outcomes from our program available to governmental organizations responsible for protecting the health of local communities, to the scientific community in general, and to other SRPs in particular.

Neel scienceTraining Core

Core Leader, Michael McClean
Boston University School of Public Health
Co-Leader, Jean van Seventer
Boston University School of Public Health

Supporting all trainees engaged in BUSRP activities.



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