Environmental Health Nursing Education Collaborative presents endocrine disruptor seminar for nurses

On January 21, the Environmental Health Nursing Education Collaborative, jointly organized by the Boston University Superfund Research Program and the Harvard NIEHS Center for Environmental Health, presented a two-hour seminar on endocrine disrupting chemicals to more than thirty attendees. The audience, including many nurses, nursing faculty members, and nursing students, gained an improved understanding of endocrine disruption by environmental toxicants from Dr. Russ Hauser, MD, ScD, MPH, of Harvard School of Public Health, Dr. Wendy Heiger-Bernays, PhD, of Boston University School of Public Health and the BUSRP Research Translation Core, and Rebecca Williams, BSN, RN, MPH, of Bunker Hill Community College. Attendees were advised of steps that nurses can take to reduce exposure to endocrine disrupting toxicants by their patients and themselves.

Presentations and resources from the seminar are available at www.ehnursing.org.

January 27, 2010