BUSRP hosts community engagement workshop


From left: Madeleine Scammell (CEC), Director David Sherr, Eleanor Anbinder, Dru Lindgren, Sylvia Broude and Jon Levy (Project 2)

In February, BUSRP hosted a workshop on community engagement with guest speaker Sylvia Broude, Executive Director of our CEC partner Toxics Action Center. Toxics Action Center is a regional environmental organizing group that builds the leadership of residents concerned about contamination in their communities. The workshop was organized by CEC Leader Madeleine Scammell and BUSRP Director David Sherr. More than 25 trainees, students, and BUSRP researchers attended and participated in this Friday afternoon discussion.

As part of their work, Toxics Action Center partners with researchers, including the BUSRP, to address community concerns, and has decades of experience in negotiating the most effective and impactful partnerships. Ms. Broude discussed the history of the organization, gave examples of how community organizing works, and offered advice for researchers on ways to engage and support groups in achieving their goals.

Art beCAUSE, a breast cancer foundation that funds scientific research on the environmental causes of breast cancer and educates the public on prevention, participated in the workshop and discussed strategies for engaging a range of audiences. Founder Eleanor Anbinder along with board member Dru Lindgren shared insights from their work to raise awareness about environmental causes and increase support for research, including Dr. Sherr’s breast cancer work.

Thank you to all who attended and participated in a lively discussion, and a special thanks to Ms. Broude and the leaders of Art beCAUSE for joining us!

February 3, 2017