Research Groups and Centers

Superfund Basic Research Program at Boston University

The Boston University Superfund Basic Research Program is an interdisciplinary program that conducts and communicates research on the impacts of improperly managed hazardous wastes. Specifically, we study the effects of exposures to substances commonly encountered in hazardous waste disposal on reproduction and development in humans and wildlife.

Please visit the BU SRP website for more information.

Exposure Biology Research Group (EBRG)

The Exposure Biology Research Group (EBRG), directed by Dr. Michael McClean, is an interdisciplinary research group at SPH’s Department of Environmental Health. Our primary research focus is on the use of biological markers to assess environmental and occupational exposures via multiple pathways with respect to exposure-related disease.

Please visit the Exposure Biology Research Group (EBRG) website for more information.

Sherr Laboratory

The Sherr Laboratory is located in the Department of Environmental Health at the Boston University School of Public Health, in Boston’s South End. Minutes from Boston’s cultural and sports attractions, the laboratory employs state-of-the-art cellular and molecular technologies to research three specific areas of basic and applied science:

  • mechanisms through which environmental chemicals suppress the immune system (the “A” Apoptosis team)
  • molecular signaling leading to environmental carcinogen-induced and spontaneous breast cancers (the “B” Breast Cancer team)
  • development of vaccines for the treatment of cancer and primary amyloidosis (the “C” Cancer/Amyloid Immunotherapy team)

The common element in these three disciplines is the involvement of an environmental chemical receptor, the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR), in the suppression of the immune system and in maintaining tumor cell growth.

The Sherr Laboratory currently supports the research of 13 scientists (four PhD students, three research assistants, four MD or PhD fellows, one research assistant professor, and Dr. Sherr) and occupies 3,300 square feet of newly renovated laboratory space in the Housman Research Building of the Boston University Medical Campus and the University’s School of Medicine.

For further information regarding the Sherr Laboratory, please contact Dr. David Sherr at 617-638-6464 or by email.

Webster Group

The Webster Group, directed by Dr. Tom Webster, is located at SPH’s Department of Environmental Health. We have three main research interests:

– exposure and health effects of flame retardants & other chemicals in consumer products
– chemical mixtures
– spatial epidemiology

Please visit the Webster Group website for more information.