Twelve Faculty Members Selected to Receive Fall 2011 Teaching Awards

Posted on: February 6, 2012

The BUSPH Education Committee is honoring the achievements of 12 faculty who received an Award for Excellence in Teaching for Fall 2011.

Recipients are selected by the Teaching Awards Selection Sub-Committee which is comprised of faculty from each department. The Sub-Committee’s selection is based on a review of the overall course evaluations, including instructor ratings and student comments. Included below are comments from student evaluations of the courses.

Once again, our students are very satisfied with their experiences in the classroom. They are appreciative of faculty efforts to incorporate different techniques to promote learning, to include timely topics, to engage them in exciting discussions, and to provide them with opportunities to learn and master important skills.

hjcab orig.jpgHoward Cabral


Howard Cabral
BS805: Intermediate Statistical Computing and Applied Regression Analysis

Comment: “The class is well organized and extremely applicable in real-world public health/research settings. Every week I felt like I was gaining more knowledge and skills that I will put to use in my research and career. This made the class very interesting to me and I felt extremely motivated to listen to the lectures and complete assignments. Dr. Cabral has fantastic insight on how to link his class to real-world situations.”

sebas.jpgPaola Sebastiani


Paola Sebastiani
BS830: Design and Analysis of Microarray Data

Comment: “Dr. Sebastiani is a gifted instructor, full of charisma and enthusiasm for what she teaches.”

Comment: “This was an excellent and practical course. The lecture material was great and the homework did a great job reinforcing what was covered in class.”

jmm.jpgJoseph Massaro


Joseph Massaro
BS861: Applied Statistics in Clinical Trials II

Comment: “Dr. Massaro gave us examples of clinical trials he has worked on in the past so we were able to see how the material has actually been applied. He allowed us to ask many questions and always responded and encouraged more questions.”

Comment: “The course gave me the tools and information to be able to work on clinical trials in the future. Professor Massaro is an excellent professor.”

jschlezi.jpgJennifer Schlezinger


Jennifer Schlezinger
EH840: Intermediate Toxicology

Comment: “Jennifer was inspirational! I am happy to have learned from her and feel that i grew as a scientist from her class. I want to become a toxicologist after taking this course.”

Comment: “This class is really challenging and students will learn a lot from this course. The teacher is approachable and really knowledgeable about the material. The class draws from so many different subjects and is a really amazing learning experience.”

wlamorte.jpgWayne LaMorte


Wayne LaMorte
EP713: Introduction to Epidemiology

Comment: “I very much enjoyed the online module components of the course, I found them extremely helpful and they helped cement important topics. I also enjoyed how the material was strongly reinforced with the pre and post quizzes; these forced me to stay current with the information as well as gave me confidence that I understood the material.”

Comment: “Professor LaMorte’s sense of humor and general relate-ability make the class flow easily, and allows you to apply the concepts learned to real-world situations. He is always available outside of class and makes a significant effort to help struggling students.”

bryantm.jpgMalcolm Bryantjwolff.jpgJames Wolff


Malcom Bryant & James Wolff
IH743: Implementing Health Programs in Developing Countries: Making Programs Work

Comment: “I love that this course was focused on the learning process, which actually increased the pressure to do well because we really wanted to produce quality work for the instructors and our country contacts.”

Comment: “This course improved my public-speaking/presentation skills in a supportive, non-anxiety-inducing environment.”

Comment: “Wolffy and Malcolm are an amazing team! They balance one another well and are both extremely encouraging about the learning process. It’s too bad that we cannot clone them.”



annasgj.jpgGeorge AnnasglantzLeonard Glantz


George Annas & Leonard Glantz

LW751: Public Health Law

Comment: “You acquire such a breadth of knowledge from this class that will be so helpful to public health practitioners in many settings. I now understand everything from malpractice to reproductive rights to the federal government’s ability to pass regulations. Professors Glantz and Annas are amazing. They will really stretch your thinking and make you laugh at the same time. You will never be bored!”

sgodley.jpgSophie Godley


Sophie Godley
MC725: Women, Children, and Adolescents: Public Health Approaches

Comment: “I’ve never had such a brilliant, efficient, stimulating, and generous professor.”

Comment: “Sophie was provocative, knowledgeable, and emphasized skills-based learning. Guest lecturers were also incredible, and drew from a diverse and interesting group of people. Sophie really listened to student ideas and mid-semester feedback.”

Comment: “I feel your skills and knowledge as a public health practitioner will be grossly incomplete without this course.”



Candice Belanoff
MC759: Perinatal Epidemiology

Comment: “Dr Belanoff is very encouraging of questions and really challenges us to think about things. She is a great teacher and her approach to teaching took away the unnecessary stress. I really wanted to work hard for her, but I never felt that I was being asked to do something I wasn’t capable of doing. She is so approachable, and helpful outside of class and her passion for the topic shows through. She is really an excellent teacher and one of my favorite classes at BU. (and I don’t even like epi!!!)”


relwy.jpgA. Rani Elwy


A. Rani Elwy
PM755: The Shape of Health Care Delivery

Comment: “If you are interested in redesign of clinical care, this course is a must have. It provides great options to consider and see what works and what doesn’t.”

Comment: “Dr. Elwy is GREAT. She is very open to discussion and different points of view. She clearly is more than ok with stepping outside her comfort zone and really considering new ideas.”



The following faculty provided students with an excellent learning experience but were not eligible for teaching awards because they either won in Fall 2010 for these same courses or declined the award nomination:



Elementary Biostatistics

Lisa Sullivan


Meta-Analysis for Public Health and Medical Research

Michael LaValley


Statistical Genetics

Josee Dupuis &

Kathryn Lunetta


Modern Epidemiology

Matt Fox


Leadership and Negotiations

David Javitch


IH Culminating Experience Writing Seminar

Jen Beard &

Rich Feeley


Planning and Managing MCH Programs in Developing Countries

Jim Wolff &

Monita Baba Djara


Women and Health Policy: Gender, Evidence & Politics

Judith Bernstein


Introduction to Public Health

Sophie Godley


Health Regulation and Planning

Alan Sager


Social and Behavioral Sciences for Public Health

Mike Siegel


Communications Strategies for Public Health

Bill DeJong


The Education Committee would like to thank them for the time and effort they put into their courses.