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Welcome and thank you for reading the Sourcing & Procurement Training Newsletter. This December issue gives attention to some end of year tips to ensure you have a good handle on your Purchase Orders and invoices to date. A little maintenance now will help the rest of the fiscal year play out smoothly!

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Deliveries during Intersession

As most BU departments are closed during the holiday Intersession, it is important note that there will be no delivery of mail on the Charles River Campus by University Mail Services during this timeframe. Those wishing to pick up departmental mail may do so during intersession. Individuals picking up mail for their department must show a valid Boston University identification card. For questions about interdepartmental mail or other inquiries please visit the Mail Services page for the most appropriate contact.

All BU Purchase Orders to external suppliers now include an additional note to suppliers reminding them of the University closure during Intersession.

PO Additional Instr

If you are ordering an item that needs to be delivered during the intersession week, please work with your supplier to make sure that someone would be present to receive the item. It is imperative that delivery instructions are clear during this time when most BU departments are closed.

For questions or concerns about this please call us at 617-353-2370 or email

Recent News

  • Office Depot Chair Sale

  • Need a new office chair? Consider browsing the Office Depot catalog.

    As the transition from Office Depot to WB Mason is in process, Office Depot is making their existing inventory of Quick Ship chairs available to the BU community at a discounted price. The discount only applies to future orders.

Upcoming Initiative

  • New Printer Standards

  • A cross-functional team of representatives from various BU departments has worked with Sourcing & Procurement to appoint HP as the supplier of all Boston University printers. HP won the University’s bid by offering the best quality, service and pricing.


    Printers will be available in the GovConnection catalog in the Terrier Marketplace. A full announcement outlining the program details will be coming out this month.

Procurement Tip of the Month

Calendar Year End checks

As the year comes to a close and we are halfway through our fiscal year, it is a good time to do a little preliminary house cleaning.  Below are a few checks you can do to make sure the rest of the year goes smoothly.

  • Check for Unpaid/Overdue Invoices from External Suppliers
  • Check Limit Order Balances
  • Close Old or unwanted Purchase Orders

Unpaid/Overdue Invoices

Please make sure to submit all invoices to Accounts Payable (or have suppliers submit them directly). If you have already submitted an invoice, you may check the status of your invoices by contacting the Accounts Payable department via email or the Invoice Status form. The Invoice Status form was created by the Accounts Payable department for administrators to have a convenient place to check the status of an invoice.

If you have an invoice that does not have a valid Purchase Order, please create a shopping cart to generate a Purchase Order. The generated Purchase Order will be sent to the supplier so it is important to include a note in the supplier text field: “PO is only to pay an invoice, please do not re-bill”. Once you receive notification that the Purchase Order has generated, write the Purchase Order number on the invoice and send it to Accounts Payable by emailing

Check Limit Order Balances

This midway point in the fiscal year is also a good time to check your open Limit Order balances. Please visit the Has an Invoice been Posted? help document to view the invoices that have posted against your Limit Order and to review the balance on your Limit Orders in the Extended PO History screen.

The Extended PO History screen of your Purchase Order will have the relevant details regarding how much your Limit Order has been charged to date. At a glance, you can see the invoices that have been posted against the Purchase Order (Total and Itemized charges) and you have access to click into the invoices for more details in the WebGUI.

ExPO history

For a different view of Limit Order balances or to check multiple orders at the same time, use BW reporting. Visit the help document page: How to View Limit Orders – Summary Level for a detail explanation on running the Purchasing Document Lifecycle report to view Limit Order balances.

Close Old/Unwanted Purchase Orders

Do you have Purchase Orders with open commitments that will no longer be invoiced against? You may email to have the orders closed. Closing the PO will release the open commitments on your budget. Please write “PO Close Request” in the subject line of your email message and list the Purchase Orders to be closed in the body along with a confirmation that no further invoices are expected.

Thank you for reading this month’s Sourcing Training Newsletter. Stay tuned for the next issue of Training News for Tips for New Hires/Users

Frequently Asked Questions

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Upcoming Shopping Cart Training Sessions

Sourcing & Procurement offers regular training sessions. These sessions are intended to help new and existing Boston University employees navigate ordering goods and services through BUworks Procurement. Below are links to the Training Calendar with all the available sections. Click on the link of the session you would like to attend.

Basic Shopping Cart Creation

Intermediate Shopping Cart Creation


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