Where to Submit Invoices

Invoice Processing

Payment processing for all invoices is centralized within Boston University Financial Affairs. The following address should be the only address used for submitting invoices to Boston University:

Boston University
Accounts Payable
25 Buick Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02215

Invoices submitted must reference an applicable Boston University purchase order (PO) number in order to be processed.

Due to Boston Fire Code regulations, some upholstered furniture purchased may require the supplier to provide a fire certificate to receive payment. All fire certificates must be forwarded to sourcing@bu.edu.

Attaching an invoice to a shopping cart will not route the invoice to Accounts Payable. Shoppers must send the invoice to 25 Buick Street or via email at invoices@bu.edu.

Any questions about invoicing or payments can be directed to Boston University Accounts Payable at 617-353-4270 or invoices@bu.edu.