Travel Services

  • Easy Online Booking – Booking University related travel online is quick, easy and can be pre-paid. Travelers can book flights, trains, hotels, and auto rental reservations directly online through BUworks Central. Booking through the BU Travel Portal saves money, as there is no transaction fee for booking online.
  • BCD Travel Agency Contacts – To book Boston University travel via an agent, please call a BCD agent at (617) 353-1700, toll free at (866) 535-3238 or international collect at (847) 627-3171 (VIT Code: 3XSC). The PCard is not an allowable payment method for travel arrangements for employees of the University.
  • Other Important Travel Information – See BU Travel Services, including Boston University Travel Guidelines, Travel Reimbursement Forms, Mileage and Per Diem Reimbursement Rates, Diners Club Travel Card Application, up-to-date Travel Industry News, and a CO2 calculator to see what your carbon footprint will be on your next trip. A quick travel reference guide can be found here: BU Travel Best Practices .

BU Travel Service’s goal is to make business travel more pleasurable and efficient for you. Your feedback is always appreciated. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments regarding our agency program and our online booking tool at or directly at 617-353-7202.

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