BUworks Suppliers

Sourcing & Procurement is responsible for registering suppliers to do business with Boston University.

Click here to find out if the supplier that you would like to do business with is registered with BU. To quickly find the supplier information that you are looking for, utilize the filter and search (Control+F) functionality.

Note: BCD Travel, the preferred travel agency for BU, is not listed on the external supplier list. Please visit www.bu.edu/travel for more information.  

The supplier list now contains information on first choice suppliers, has updated contact information, and product keywords. The First Choice Suppliers program was created to make it easy for Boston University employees to work with a pre-qualified, select group of suppliers. Boston University strives to do business with the best provider in each category as measured by total cost. Total cost includes pricing, quality, availability, technology, leadership and alignment with Boston University goals. Before submitting an order, verify pricing with the supplier website or contact listed. The final column in the supplier list contains information provided by the supplier to help identify a potential supplier by the products or services offered.