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Ordering goods and services at Boston University is done through BUworks Procurement. It all starts by creating a shopping cart.

Within BUworks Procurement, the Terrier Marketplace will allow shoppers to purchase laboratory and office supplies, printing services, electronics, computers, and maintenance and repair items from dozens of the University‚Äôs contracted suppliers. With catalogs from major scientific suppliers such as Fisher Scientific, Henry Schein, Life Technologies, Sigma-Aldrich, etc., researchers are able to quickly order products directly from BUworks Central at Boston University contracted prices. If you do not find what you are looking for, just create a “free text” shopping cart to describe what you need. A buyer in Sourcing and Procurement will help you source that item or service. The .


  • If you don’t have shopping cart access, you will need to request that your Department Security Administrator (DSA) give you the shopper role. If you don’t know who your DSA is, contact Information Security.
  • Watch the self-paced training guides.
  • Set up your personalization for delivery address, cost center, and product category.
  • Utilize the default settings feature in your shopping cart to ensure proper delivery and account charges.
  • When in doubt, follow the Terrier Marketplace guide when placing an order.
  • Enjoy a more user-friendly shopping experience that will help save you and your department more money.


  • Negotiated savings
  • Quick and easy searches
  • Millions of products a click away
  • Compare products from multiple suppliers
  • Over 60 suppliers in one place
  • One log in for every supplier
  • Encumber funds at the time of purchase
  • Send purchase orders within seconds
  • Ensure correct pricing
  • Capture additional savings via early discount payment terms

To access the Terrier Marketplace, log into BUworks Central, open a shopping cart, complete default settings, and choose Terrier Marketplace from the Add Item menu.

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