Steps for a Successful Copier Installation

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Responsible Party

Contact Ricoh to review requirements and discuss options. Cost Center requestor  
Provided quotation including cost and information for equipment specifications, options, dimensions, weight, power requirements, and service. Ricoh  
A free description cart order for the full amount of the copier purchase is submitted in SAP.  A copy of the Ricoh quote from sales representative must be attached. Cost Center Requestor  
Commodity Buyer reviews Ricoh  
Review quotation and installation location with BU IT Specialist Cost Center Requestor  
Confirm location is suitable and electrical connection is adequate and functional Cost Center Requestor  
Confirm network connection is available and functional (if copier will be networked) BU IT Specialist  
Request static IP address and hostname from hostmaster (if copier will be networked) BU IT Specialist  
Send approved on-line requisition to Sourcing & Procurement Cost Center Requestor  
Complete and submit “Copier Pre-installation Network Survey” (if copier will be networked) Cost Center Requestor/BU IT Specialist  
Order equipment from Ricoh.  Submit network information to Ricoh Sourcing & Procurement  
Contact Cost Center Requestor to schedule delivery and installation Ricoh  
Coordinate installation schedule with BU IT Specialist and Ricoh Cost Center Requestor  
Send email notification of delivery 48 hours in advance to for Charles River Campus or to for Medical Campus. For BUMC installations, provide MAC address to BUMC IT. Ricoh  
Install equipment and explain features and uses to Cost Center Requestor and BU IT Specialist.  Demonstrate scanning short-cut buttons utilizing PIN codes. Ricoh  
Set-up scanning and/or job accounting and install required drivers to desktop systems (if applicable) BU IT Specialist  
Confirm all features are in good working order Cost Center Requestor/BU IT Specialist  
Coordinate any necessary training Cost Center Requestor  
Report service issues and resolution to Ricoh and BU IT Specialist Cost Center Requestor (or designee)  
Note:  “Copier Pre-installation Network Survey” and IT involvement is not necessary if copier will not be networked for printing and scanning.