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The table below contains a list of all the pages and help guides available on the Sourcing and Procurement website. Use the search bar above the table to narrow the results by typing in a keyword. To sort the table, click on any of the column headers. This will group the selected column alphabetically. Click on the page name in the first column to be taken to the page for additional information.

Page Definition Category
Adding an Approver How to add an Adhoc approver to a shopping cart Shopper’s Guide
Adding Attachments How to add an attachment to a shopping cart Shopper’s Guide
Adobe and Microsoft Software License How to purchase computers and accessories How to Buy Goods
Agreement Administration Policy Policy outlining agreements with external suppliers Policies and Guidelines
Animal Orders How to order animals Research Procurement
Apple Standards A list of BU’s Apple computer standards How to Buy Goods
Approval Process An outline of the approval process for shopping cart orders Approval Process
Assign the Supplier How to assign the supplier to a shopping cart Shopper’s Guide
Audio Visual Supplies Where to buy AV supplies How to Buy Goods
Business Cards and Stationery How to order stationery items from Artcraft How to Buy Goods
Buy on Behalf  Creating a shopping cart for another shopper Shopper’s Guide
Change Active Queries Display Instructions on adjusting the display on search queries Shopper’s Guide
Charter Bus Services
How to order chartered buses, limousines, and other transportation services How to Buy Services
Compare Items in the Terrier Marketplace  How to compare items in the Terrier Marketplace Shopper’s Guide
Competitive Bidding Policy outlining the competitive bid process Policies and Guidelines
Computers, Software, and Peripherals An outline of BU computer standards How to Buy Goods
Contracts Information regarding contract procedures Fundamentals of Procurement
Copiers Information about Ricoh copiers and installation How to Buy Goods
Default Settings – Set Values How to adjust Delivery Address, Accounts Assignment and Product Category settings within the shopping cart Shopper’s Guide
Employee Relocation Services How to order moving, storage, and relocation services How to Buy Services
Engagement of Professional Services Policy outlining engagement of specialized services Policies and Guidelines
Furniture and Fixtures How to buy new, surplus and re-manufactured furniture How to Buy Goods
Gift Cards How to order gift cards through National Gift Card (NGC) How to Buy Goods
Hosted Catalog How to access a hosted catalog in the Terrier Marketplace Shopper’s Guide
How to Buy Goods A list of pages outlining ordering material goods Fundamentals of Procurement
How to Buy Services  An outline on procuring services How to Buy Goods
How to Set Up Teams Instructions for creating a team in Personalization Team Purchasing
Interested Suppliers Information for prospective suppliers Supplier Center
Internal Service Request (ISR) How to request goods or services from internal BU departments (ISR request) How to Buy Services
Invoice Payments Basic information about submitting invoices for payment Fundamentals of Procurement
Limit Order Help guides for shopping cart creation Shopper’s Guide
Limit Order – New Supplier How to register a service provider Shopper’s Guide
Limit Order Guidelines Outlines the limit order procedures Policies and Guidelines
Meeting and Events
Event planning, conferences, ballrooms, catering, preferred hotels How to Buy Services
New User Information  Information for new users of the SAP Procurement module Shopper’s Guide
Non-Competition Policy outlining sole sourced purchases Policies and Guidelines
Office Supplies How to order office supplies How to Buy Goods
Ordering through WB Mason How to order office supplies through WB Mason Shopper’s Guide
Ordering and Contracting Policy A list of scenarios and available payment methods: Shopping Cart, Pcard, Travel card, Disbursement Policies and Guidelines
Ordering from Outside the U.S. Policy outlining international goods Policies and Guidelines
Payment Terms An outline of standard pay terms available to BU suppliers Supplier Center
Payment Terms Policy outlining BU pay terms Policies and Guidelines
PC Standards A list of BU’s Lenovo computer standards How to Buy Goods
Personalization Instructions for setting default Delivery Address, Cost Center, and Product Category Shopper’s Guide
Printer Repair How to order printer repair How to Buy Goods
Printers A list of BU’s HP printer standards through GovConnection How to Buy Goods
Printing Services Printed goods such as annual reports, marketing materials, magazines, billboards How to Buy Services
Procurement Ethics Policy outlining ethical procurement practices Policies and Guidelines
Procurement Policies and Guidelines A list of University policies related to procurement Policies and Guidelines
Procurement Settings Information on setting Personalization defaults Shopper’s Guide
Product Categories A list of all available product categories Shopper’s Guide
Promotional Items How to order promo/customized items from Barnes and Noble/Promoversity How to Buy Goods
Property Management Property management resource page Policies and Guidelines
Punch-out Catalog How to access a punch-out catalog in the Terrier Marketplace Shopper’s Guide
Purchasing Card Basic information about using the University purchasing card Fundamentals of Procurement
Purchasing Card Policy Policy outlining the use of the BU purchasing card Policies and Guidelines
Purchasing Equipment How to purchase equipment How to Buy Goods
Research Procurement Laboratory orders, lab supplies, chemicals, gas, animals and other restricted items Research Procurement
Request for Proposal (RFP) Process Policy outlining the RFP process Policies and Guidelines
Requesting Quotes Policy outlining quotation from external suppliers Policies and Guidelines
Searching for Team Cart by PO Number Instructions for searching for a team cart by PO Team Purchasing
Searching for Team Carts Instructions for finding team carts in the active queries Team Purchasing
Shipping/Receiving  Policy outlining BU shipping terms Policies and Guidelines
Shopping Cart Training Step by step guides to navigating BUworks Procurement Shopper’s Guide
Shopping Cart Setting for Team Carts Where to make the team cart designation within the shopping cart Team Purchasing
Shopping Cart Status An outline describing the different shopping cart statuses Shopper’s Guide
Split Cost Distribution How to add multiple cost assignments (Cost Centers or Internal Order numbers) to a shopping cart Shopper’s Guide
Substitution How to set a substitute to receive Worklist approval items Shopper’s Guide
Supplier Center Information for suppliers seeking to do business with Boston University Supplier Center
Supplier Code of Ethical Conduct Information regarding BU’s supplier code of conduct Supplier Center
Supplier Diversity An outline on BU’s commitment to supplier diversity Supplier Center
Surrender Surplus Furniture How to donate furniture to BU’s surplus furniture program How to Buy Goods
Taking Over a Team Cart
Team Purchasing Basic information on using the Team Purchasing functionality Team Purchasing
Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Goods Supplier terms for material purchases Supplier Center
Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Services Supplier terms for the purchase of services Supplier Center
Terrier Marketplace Features An outline of the different features in the Terrier Marketplace Shopper’s Guide
Terrier Marketplace How to create an order using the Terrier Marketplace Shopper’s Guide
TerrierTemps (Contingent Labor) Information on hiring contingent labor Fundamentals of Procurement
Travel Card Basic information about the University travel and reimbursement process Fundamentals of Procurement
Travel Policy Policy outlining the use of the BU travel card Policies and Guidelines
University Suppliers  Basic information about external and internal suppliers Fundamentals of Procurement
Vehicle Fleet Program How to purchase vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, etc.) How to Buy Goods
Vendor Management Program Policy on engaging external suppliers Policies and Guidelines
Where to Submit Invoices Information for new and existing BU suppliers Supplier Center
With Free Description – New Supplier  How to request a supplier registration Shopper’s Guide
With Free Description – Registered Supplier How to create a material order for items not in the Terrier Marketplace Shopper’s Guide
PO Closeout Request Form How to submit a PO Closeout Request Shopper’s Guide