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Toner Scam

January 22nd, 2014 in Information Technology, Uncategorized

Several departments across campus have been recently targeted for toner scams. The scamming companies pose as suppliers with generic, familiar sounding names, and as BU departments like IT. They call to solicit orders or to ask you to help take “unwanted” toners off their hands at “special” prices. The Federal Trade Commission has published detailed information concerning this scam at–five-steps-to-avoiding-office-supply-scams-4600.

Boston University’s master lease and maintenance agreements for copiers from Ikon/Ricoh include all toner supplies at no charge. The phone number to order supplies is available on a label on the front of your copier.

Desktop printer ink and toners should be ordered from known vendors such as Office Depot, GovConnection, SHI etc. Under no circumstances should you place any orders for ink or toner from any vendor that has called you to solicit such a sale, nor should you provide any serial numbers or models for your printing devices.

If someone other than your known account representative is soliciting sales and service, you have every right to refuse service and report the event to Sourcing & Procurement. If you are unsure, please ask for a phone number to call them back. If they say the price cannot be honored unless you choose right then, hang up. Reputable vendors do not do business in such a manner.

Product Delays from China

February 5th, 2013 in Information Technology

The Chinese New Year will begin on February 10, which will cause delays on computer orders and other products shipping from China over the next few weeks. Many factories will be operating with a “skeleton crew” from February 9 – 17, limiting their ability to run at full capacity, while others will shut down completely. We advise you to place any upcoming orders 5 to 7 additional business days in advance to avoid delays.

If expedited shipping of a product is needed, please contact the appropriate buyer within Sourcing & Procurement for assistance.

New Items Added to Apple Hosted Catalog

February 4th, 2013 in Information Technology

In an effort to streamline procurement process and increase value to end users, new iMac and iPad models were added to the Apple hosted catalog in the BU Terrier Marketplace. Utilizing electronic catalogs for BU purchases can provide multiple benefits including contracted pricing, side-by-side item comparison, and lessened approval requirements. Additionally, ordering departments receive the benefit of a simplified requisition process as model description and contract information are automatically pulled from the catalog to the shopping cart.

For a full listing of Apple items available through the BU Terrier Marketplace, please visit our website.