Purchase Order Close Out Requests

In preparation for the fiscal year-end Sourcing & Procurement is now offering a streamlined process for Purchase Order (PO) close out requests.

A new and simple online form is now available to submit requests for the release of encumbered funds on fully invoiced POs. This form is available at http://www.bu.edu/sourcing/shoppers-guide/poclose/.

To summarize the new process:

  • Access the form Purchase Order Closeout Request Form,
  • Provide your name,
  • List the PO numbers to be closed and the reasons for closing,
  • Confirm all invoices for the requested PO number(s) have been posted (once a PO is closed, it cannot be reopened,)
  • Sourcing & Procurement will coordinate the closures with BUworks, PAFO and Budget.

Please allow 10 business days for processing of PO related commitment release requests.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Once a PO is closed, it cannot be reopened. Invoices received for a closed PO will require the submission of a new shopping cart and the creation of a new PO for the invoice to be paid. Be sure to add a note to the supplier in the new shopping cart stating that the new PO is only to pay an invoice against [INSERT OLD PO NUMBER HERE] and is not a request for additional goods/services.

Instructions to determine if an invoice has been posted and to see the remaining funds on your PO are available via the Frequently Asked Questions section on the Sourcing & Procurement website.

For any questions about this new process, please contact Sourcing & Procurement at 617-353-2370 or sourcing@bu.edu.