BU Implements New Drinking Water Program through W.B. Mason

Sourcing & Procurement is pleased to announce a new water delivery program with W.B. Mason. The University’s partnership with W.B. Mason has allowed for discounted rates for both water delivery as well as permanent plumbed water filtration units.

Water Bottle Delivery at a Fraction of the Cost

Compared to other vendors’ pricing, water costs can decrease by more than 50% when switching to W.B. Mason for water delivery. Furthermore, using on-demand ordering on W.B. Mason’s catalog in the Terrier Marketplace, departments can simply order bottles on an as-needed basis, eliminating the requirement for storing large amounts of bottles. And, because no contract is needed, schools and departments do not have to be locked into years-long agreements.

To inquire about starting bottle delivery service, please email Michael Khoury, the BU Account Representative at W.B. Mason, at Michael.Khoury@wbmason.com. Pricing: the cooler rental is $1.00 per month and water is only $3.49 per bottle

Plumbed Water Filtration Units: The Sustainable Choice

The use of plumbed water filtration units (as opposed to bottled water) aligns with the larger University mission towards sustainable practices as a whole. The new water systems will eliminate the need for disposable bottles and lessen the need for delivery services, reducing the amount of waste. W.B. Mason will install units using existing plumbing and filter the water to the highest standards. This change will reduce costs significantly for individual schools and departments. Departments can save up to $550 each year when switching from a rented water filtration unit from another vendor.

Buying a filtration unit is as easy as buying a stapler through W.B. Mason. Simply search for the product in the W.B. Mason catalog in the Terrier Marketplace and purchase.

Available Models:

Oasis Artesian

Oasis Onyx

To discuss which option would be a good fit for your office, please contact Michael Khoury, the BU Account Representative at W.B. Mason by phone, 617-780-7480 or email Michael.Khoury@wbmason.com.

For questions about this initiative or for additional help placing your order, please contact us at 617-353-2370 or sourcing@bu.edu.