New Life Science and Medical Product Contracts

Sourcing & Procurement has negotiated new multi-year agreements with Roche Diagnostics, EMD Millipore, and Ace Surgical Supply.

The contracts will help researchers stretch their funding during these challenging financial times because the new contracts offer higher discount percentages, free freight, yearly price protection, and additional discount allowances should BU meet certain growth incentives.

Please contact your sales representative to obtain price quotations and product information. Over the next few months, these vendor catalogs (and many others) will be loaded into SAP/BUworks to make the quoting and ordering process much easier. Vendor contact information is listed below:

  • Roche Diagnostics (Life Science and Medical Products & Supplies)
    Cyndi Smith: 603-290-4276,
  • Ace Surgical Supply (Healthcare Products & Supplies)
    Andrea Banks: 508-588-3100 ext233,
  • EMD Millipore (Life Science Products & Supplies)
    Samantha Cramer: 774-245-2700,
    Note: While all three suppliers offer free freight, Millipore only offers free freight for specific product lines distributed by Fisher Scientific

As always Bob Simboli or anyone on the Sourcing & Procurement lab team are here to assist you with any of your other research needs.