Sigma Catalog Improvements

Researchers, Lab Managers, and Administrators:

In an effort to better the shopping experience, the Sigma Aldrich catalog has been improved. The enhancements include the ability to customize user profiles to save names, favorite products, and favorite product lists. Additionally, the special chemical pricing promotion has been extended through April, 2013.

To access the Sigma Aldrich catalog, go to BUworks Central, create a shopping cart, click add item, and go to Lab – Sigma Aldrich (don’t forget to use Default Settings – Set Values before adding items to your shopping cart so delivery address information, account assignment information, etc. will automatically be applied to every line in the shopping cart).

In addition to accessing the Sigma catalog right from the shopping cart, you can punch out to add items or check BU pricing/product availability from Fisher, Bio-Rad, Life Technologies, Qiagen, and Airgas. Also from the shopping cart, you can add items at BU’s negotiated rates from vendors such as Cell Signaling, New England Biolabs, R&D Systems, Thorlabs and USA Scientific by opening the Terrier Marketplace catalog.

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