3 Steps to Avoid Purchase Order Related Invoice Issues

Accounts Payable cannot process your vendor’s invoice if the invoice does not match the purchase order which is automatically created from your shopping cart. By following a few simple guidelines when creating your shopping cart, you will save time downstream and will ensure that your vendor is paid promptly.

  • Properly identify what you are ordering. If you are purchasing four different items, your shopping cart should have four lines (multiple quantities of the same item do not need separate lines).
  • List the correct price. Vendor pricing changes over time – use one of the vendor catalogs in BUworks or contact your vendor directly to ensure you have the correct pricing in your shopping cart.
  • Contact Sourcing & Procurement to process change orders. If your requirements change once you place your order contact a buyer in Sourcing and Procurement to amend the purchase order. Please do not make changes to the order by contacting the vendor directly.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact us at sourcing@bu.edu or invoices@bu.edu.