New Life Technologies Agreement

Sourcing & Procurement has recently awarded a three year contract to Life Technologies for scientific products & services. Life Technologies (formerly Invitrogen and Applied Biosystems) is a provider of consumables, instruments, and services. Brands offered through Life Technologies are Invitrogen, Applied Biosystems, Ambion, Gibco, TaqMan, Ion Torrent, Molecular Probes, and Novex.

Contract Benefits Include:

  • Additional product discounts
  • Growth incentives program that allows for additional discounts
  • Price protection (2012 prices held firm through January 1, 2014)
  • No increase for fuel shipping fees throughout the contract
  • Free freight for primers and assays

Sales Representatives:

Consumables: David Spezzano or 617-640-7579

Instrumentation: Marcus Guerrero or 508-562-7847

For additional information regarding the contract, please contact Bob Simboli at 617-353-8753.