New Microscope Agreements with Olympus America and Carl Zeiss Microscopy

Olympus America provides research and clinical microscopes, medical and surgical products, life science imaging systems, along with other innovative audio and visual equipment. Boston University will receive an additional 1-3% discount from previously contracted pricing on Olympus products, extended warranties, and repair services during this two year contract. The contract also includes setup and installation at no-charge. For more information on pricing and products, contact Patricia Molyneux.

Carl Zeiss offers complete microscopy and imaging solutions for biomedical research. The renewal of this contract will allow Boston University to continue receiving a 5-10% discount on a wide range of high quality Zeiss instruments. Their product line spans from high resolution AxioCam cameras to their super resolution ELYRA microscopy systems. For more information on pricing and products, contact Doug Fishkind.