Undergraduate FAQ’s

How do I change to or declare a Major/Minor in Sociology?

Pick up a Major/Minor Declaration/Change Form from your current College and bring it to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator’s office to be signed.

How do I receive transfer credit for a Sociology course I've taken outside of BU/with a study abroad program?

In accordance with CAS Rules, the Sociology Department does give credit for equivalent Sociology courses taken outside of the department. Students will need to fill out the proper Transfer Credit Equivalency forms as determined by the student’s college (CAS Students should use this form) and submit it with the full syllabus for the course to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator. It is then reviewed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies for equivalency and the student is e-mailed with the result. If approved, students must pick up the form and bring it to their College. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the form reaches the proper office in order to receive credit.


  • Courses taken online are NOT transferable for credit.
  • Courses are NOT transferable for 400-level credit, regardless of the level of the course taken.
  • Sociology does not accept transfer credit for the required Sociological Theory or Sociological Methods courses.  These courses MUST be taken in the department.
  • Only one Metropolitan College Course is transferable per student, at no higher than the 200-level.
  • CGS Students can receive SO 100 credit if they have taken the SS 101 and 102 courses. Students who have taken SS 101 and 102 should NOT register for SO 100, 104, 108 or 115.
  • Core Curriculum Students can receive SO 100 credit if they have taken CC 203 and 204. Students who have taken CC 203 and 204 should NOT register for SO 100, 104, 108 or 115. Students would also receive WR 150 (writing division requirement) for this CC class.
  • Sociology Majors and Minors must pass all courses with a “C” or higher.

How can I be assigned an advisor in Sociology?

Majors should check the student link to see if they have already been assigned to a faculty advisor. If not, they should contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator to be assigned to one.

Students outside of CAS cannot be formally assigned a Sociology Advisor (because of the limits of the technology system). However all students are welcome to visit faculty members during their office hours or to message the Undergraduate Program Coordinator or Director of Undergraduate Studies with advising questions.

How do I get in touch with my advisor?

Please visit our faculty page to locate your advisor’s contact information.

How do I register for classes/receive my Registration Code?

All Sociology Majors must meet with their advisors prior to registering for their classes to discuss their course selections and their overall progress within the degree. Together, the student and professor will fill out a Course Registration form. Once the professor has signed the form, students will bring it to the Sociology Department office and receive a Registration Code.

What is the Honors Thesis/Work for Distinction Program?

The Honors Thesis is a year-long (Senior Year) independent research project culminating in the writing and presentation of a thesis. Interested Juniors/soon-to-be Seniors should speak to their advisors and visit this page for more information.

What courses are being offered this term/next term?

Please take a look at our Course Offerings Page.

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