Sociology Major

All courses taken to fulfill sociology requirements must be taken within CAS (unless approved as transfer-of-credit courses). A major in Sociology is comprised of eleven courses: ten sociology courses and a statistics course, as described below. All courses for the major must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher.

Majors in Sociology are required to take 10 courses in sociology plus one course in statistics. Courses required are as follows:

  • One introductory sociology course chosen from CAS SO 100–115;
  • CAS SO 201 Sociological Methods;
  • CAS SO 203 Introduction to Sociological Theories;
  • CAS SO 303 Substantive Themes in Sociological Theory;
  • Two additional CAS sociology courses at the 200 level or above;
  • Two additional CAS sociology courses at the 300 level or above;
  • Two additional CAS sociology seminars at the 400 level or above; and
  • One course in statistical analysis chosen from CAS MA 113, 115, 116, 213, or QST QM 221, QM 222

Students are expected to take CAS SO 201 and CAS SO 203 in their sophomore year or the first semester after declaring the major. It is recommended that CAS SO 303 be taken in the semester following completion of CAS SO 203. 

Transferable Credits within the University

Transferable Credits from outside the University

Students pursuing a major or minor may receive credit for no more than two courses taken outside of Boston University, and only with department approval. Credit will not be given for CAS SO 201, 203, 303, or any seminar (400-level) course, all of which must be taken within the department. CAS Students should submit this form, along with the full course syllabus, to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator.