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Sociology Honors Thesis

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Support Fund

Sociology Honors Thesis

We invite eligible sociology concentrators to write a senior honors thesis.  This is an opportunity for you to follow your intellectual passion, to discover what it is like to conduct an independent research project while being mentored by a faculty member, and to make your own contribution to sociological knowledge.  Students who successfully defend a senior thesis will receive departmental honors in sociology at graduation.


You must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and 3.3 in Sociology.  Thesis writers should complete Research Methods (SO 201) before their senior year.

You will conduct independent research and study under a faculty advisor on a sociological topic of your choice. You will write a thesis (usually 40-60 pages in length) and you will present and defend your thesis to a committee of departmental faculty. The first draft of the thesis will be due in March of your last semester at BU and the oral examination will be scheduled in April.

The first step is to enroll in the Advanced Research Practicum (SO 400) in the spring of your junior year.  In this course, you will develop a research proposal, secure a faculty advisor, complete any Human Subjects approval, and prepare to execute your research project in your senior year.  Students who will be abroad during the spring semester of their junior year may still be eligible to complete a thesis by developing a research proposal through a directed study with a faculty advisor during the spring semester.  Please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies to see if this is a feasible option for you.

At the end of your junior year spring semester, you will submit the senior thesis application to the department.  In your senior year, you will register for thesis credit hours with your faculty advisor.

Deadline for application is May 10th, but only students who have taken the Advanced Research Practicum or the directed study equivalent may apply.  Late applications may be considered at the discretion of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

In Fall of your senior year: You will register for SO 401 (Honors Thesis), a 2 credit directed study course with your primary thesis advisor who will continue to work with you on specific details of your project.  Please contact Hannah Walters when you connect with your thesis advisor and she will assist you in enrolling in the directed study.

In Spring of your senior year:  You will register for SO 402 (Honors thesis). This will consist of 4 credit directed study under the primary supervision of your thesis advisor, culminating in the final draft of the thesis and the oral examination.

You may substitute SO 400 (Advanced Research Practicum) for one of the two required seminars for graduation in the major. SO 400 can also fulfill one of the ten courses required for the sociology major. If you take a directed study with your advisor in lieu of SO 400 (for example, if you are abroad during spring junior year), you do not receive seminar credit for the directed study.

You need to receive a grade of B or higher in SO 400 (Sociology Practicum) to continue into SO 401/402. In the Spring senior semester, you need a grade of B+ or higher for SO 402 (which includes the  oral examination and thesis defense).

SO 400-402 is intended to be a three semester course of study with the goal of completing a senior honors thesis. However, after consulting with relevant faculty, you may choose to discontinue after taking SO 400.   If you have received a grade of C+ or higher in SO 400, you can apply SO 400 towards sociology requirements.

The KHC keystone project and departmental honors can be combined, provided you meet the general requirements for departmental honors, your primary project advisor is a sociology faculty member, and your project is sociological in method and content.  The requirement of SO 400 will be waived for students who pass the KHC junior year research seminar with a B or higher, but students do not receive sociology seminar credit for taking the KHC seminar. Please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies for more on how the keystone project and departmental honors are combined.

You can talk to your faculty advisor in sociology and the Director of Undergraduate Studies. For administrative questions, contact Hannah Walters (, Undergraduate Program Coordinator in Sociology.

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  • 2007. Blom, Erica. The Nature of Firm Involvement in Water Privatization Contract Provision.
  • 2003. Valerio, Emily Patent or Perish: Implications of Technology Transfer on Academic Norms.


Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) facilitates participation by BU undergraduates in faculty-mentored research. UROP can provide financial support to Sociology undergraduates for summer research fellowships, academic year stipends, research supplies, and travel for research or to professional meetings.

The UROP research experience generally involves mentoring of a student project by a faculty member working in his or her area of expertise. Students conduct research either on individual research projects or as part of a larger team.  This provides an excellent opportunity to experience sociological research first-hand.

Undergraduate Research Support Fund

The Department of Sociology at Boston University is pleased to provide undergraduates with the opportunity to apply for modest financial support for independent research on sociological topics.  Students may use the funds for research supplies or research travel.

Applications must include a two page description of the research topic, questions, and methods; budget justification; and evidence that the student has applied or external funding, such as for UROP support.  In addition, the student must ask a faculty member to provide a short letter of reference indicating their willingness to supervise the project.  Preference will be given to applications from Sociology majors and minors.

For research involving human subjects, students should provide evidence of their submission of an application to the Institutional Review Board or of communication with the IRB indicating that the project does not require IRB approval.

Available funds are capped at $500 per student/project.  Applications, which will be consider on an ongoing basis, should be submitted electronically to the Department Chair (Dr. Nazli Kibria), Director of Undergraduate Studies (Dr. Japonica Brown-Saracino), and the Undergraduate Program Coordinator (Hannah Walters).