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Ph.D. Candidate Rebecca Farber Awarded NSF Fellowship

April 2nd, 2014 in Graduate Students, News

RFarberPicPh.D. Candidate Rebecca Farber has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship. This competitive research fellowship supports three years of research and studies and provides international research and professional development opportunities.

Rebecca’s project is titled “Local Impacts of Medical Tourism in Thailand.” Congratulations, Rebecca!

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Ph.D. Candidate Natalicia Tracy featured on WBUR radio program for her Social Justice award

January 17th, 2014 in Graduate Students, News

CapturePh.D. Candidate Natalicia Tracy was interviewed by WBUR Radio 90.9 Boston (Boston’s NPR News Station) about her 2014 Petra Foundation Fellowship win and her work as the Executive Director of the Brazilian Immigrant Center in Allston.

Listen to the interview here.

See news article about her Petra Fellowship win here.

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Ph.D. Candidate Natalicía Tracy wins 2013 Petra Fellowship

October 16th, 2013 in Graduate Students, News

CaptureBU Sociology Ph.D. Candidate Natalicía Tracy will be honored on November 15th by the Petra Foundation as one of four 2013 Petra Fellows. Established in 1988 in honor of Petra Tölle Shattuck, the Petra Foundation “seeks out and champions unsung heroes who are making distinctive contributions to the rights, autonomy and dignity of others.” (1)

In addition to her Ph.D. work, Natalicía is the executive director of Boston’s Brazilian Immigrant Center, which serves 3,000 Latino immigrants each year in issues of labor, housing, consumer, civil and human rights. She is also the coordinator of the Massachusetts Domestic Workers Congress.

Natalicía will be honored at the 24th Annual Petra Fellows Awards Dinner on November 15th, 2013 at the Omni Parker House.

For More Information.

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Professor Stephen Kalberg Receives Teaching and Research Fellowship from the Fulbright Commission

April 3rd, 2013 in Faculty, News

kalberg picture

Professor Stephen Kalberg received from the Fulbright Commission a Teaching / Research Fellowship for the Spring Semester, 2014. He will teach  at the American University of Armenia in Yerevan, Armenia from January until June.  His research will compare the political culture of Armenia’s “hybrid” government to the political cultures of several Western European nations.

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Ph.D. Candidate Megan O’Leary wins ESS Award

March 11th, 2013 in Graduate Students, News

The Eastern Sociological Society is honoring PhD candidate Megan O’Leary with this year’s  Rose Laub Coser Award. The Coser award is given annually to a graduate student for an outstanding doctoral dissertation proposal in the area of the family or gender and society.  It will be presented to Megan during the Awards ceremony, Saturday March 23, at the annual meeting at the Boston Park Plaza.

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June 22nd, 2012 in Faculty, News

We are more then pleased to announce  that Professor Go’s book, “Patterns of Empire: The British and American Empires: 1688 to the Present” has just been awarded the American Political Science Associations’ J. David Greenstone Book Award for the best book in Politics and History published in 2010 and 2011. The book had also just been named “Best Book” of 2012 by the by the Global and Transnational Section of the American Sociological Association (blurb below).  Congratulations to Julian Go!

Julian Go’s Patterns of Empire offers a persuasive challenge to the story of American exceptionalism. Relying on a sustained comparison with the British case, Go argues that the U.S. experience with imperial rule during its rise, height, and current decline has not been fundamentally different from that of other imperial states. As in all such cases, the specific circumstances of U.S. empire have emerged from the interactions between imperial rulers and colonial subjects. As Go puts it, “rather than omnipotent powers that easily make and remake their subjects and spaces, and rather than entities shaped from within, [empires] must be understood as adaptive dynamic entities that are shaped and reshaped by foreign societies as much as they strive to control them” (27). This masterfully written book represents several of the best traditions of politics & history research. In the historical sociology tradition of Theda Skocpol, it deploys the comparative method to illuminate large substantive questions of power and governance. It traces big, slow-moving processes over 300-plus years of history across multiple continents, and yet supports its key claims with careful archival research. And its central argument questions the received wisdom about the past in ways that are of broad contemporary significance. In particular, Go’s observation that “falling empires, like rising ones, do not behave well” provides a cautionary lesson for the U.S. role in the world today.” –Thomas Keck, Chair, Greenstone Award Committee



Patterns of Empire: The British and American Empires: 1688 to the Present, by Prof. Julian Go, has been named “Best Book” of 2012 by the Global and Transnational Section of the American Sociological Association. The award committee says that his book “impressively challenges the prevalent view that the American empire is unique…[and] shows how the practices, policies, institutions and dynamics of the American empire repeat those of the British one….The work uses the comparative historical method with theoretical and empirical rigor, and is a good read.”  Congratulations Julian!

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May 2nd, 2012 in Graduate Students, News

Sociology Ph.D Candidate Elyas Bakhtiari was awarded one of  three  graduate student fellowships under the National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellows Program.  These prestigious national fellowships provide generous support for three years of study, available for fellows to use at any point in the next five years.  Elyas works closely with Sigrun Olafsdottir, Assistant Professor of Sociology.  The other new fellows from BU are graduate students Allison Gill (Biology) and Alissa Rickborn (Biology).

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April 19th, 2012 in Graduate Students, News

Courtney Feldscher is the recipient of a 2012 SAGE Teaching Innovations & Professional Development Award. This honor is awarded by the ASA Section on Teaching and Learning in Sociology to support promising graduate students and pre-tenure faculty. As a recipient, Courtney will participate in the ASA pre-conference workshop, The Art at the Heart of Learner-Centered Teaching, this August in Denver

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February 28th, 2012 in Faculty, News

The American Council of Learned Societies awards a small number of highly-sought-after sabbatical fellowships each year.  Congratulations to Professor Ruha Benjamin on this recognition of her important work.  She will spend the 2012-13 academic year completing work on her book, People’s Science: Reconstituting Bodies and Rights on the Stem Cell Frontier.

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February 14th, 2012 in Graduate Students, News

Ph.D Candidate Mia Diaz-Edelman was recently awarded the Eastern Sociological Society’s Travel Grant to attend their 2012 Annual Meeting.  She will be presenting her paper titled, ” Anchoring Narratives: Multicultural Collaboration in the Immigrant Rights Movement”.

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