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Professor Catherine Connell Becomes Program Director of WGS

February 2nd, 2017 in Faculty, News.

Starting in spring 2017 Professor Catherine Connell will serve as the Program Director for the Women’s Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program.


Congratulations, Cati!

Professor Catherine Connell

Professor Catherine Connell

Graduate Student Connor Fitzmaurice Publishes Book

October 26th, 2016 in Graduate Students, News.

Connor Fitzmaurice, a Sociology graduate student has published a book with Brian Gareau, Associate Professor of Sociology at Boston College, entitled Organic Futures.

Organic Futurespublished through Yale University Press–is an exploration of the lived experience of small-scale organic farmers in New England that unpacks how they balance their ideals with economic realities.

Taking an ethnographic approach, the field-work by Connor Fitzmaurice and Brian Gareau at a small New England organic farm sheds light on how farmers navigate the difficult terrain between the practices of sustainability and the economic realities of contemporary agriculture. Extensive research reveals the historical context, complexities and viability of non conventional farming practices, which seek to balance ecology and community with the business of agriculture.

Congratulations, Connor!


Fitzmaurice and Gareau Organic Futures jacket copy

Fitzmaurice and Gareau Organic Futures


Graduate Student Connor Fitzmaurice

Special Guest Event hosted by Dr. Liah Greenfeld

October 25th, 2016 in Faculty.

This semester again a group of undergraduates (juniors and seniors) from Chuo University in Tokyo, brought by Professor Chikako Takeishi, will join Professor Greenfeld’s classes in cross-civilizational discussion.

Monday, November 14, 4 — 7, the group will join “Sociology of Culture” (CAS SO437/ GRS SO837); the topic of discussion: civilization and cultural tropes.

Tuesday, November 15, 4 — 7, the group will join “Sociology of Mental Illness” (SO 434);  Japanese students will make a presentation: “The Tsunami Nation” and the discussion will focus on reactions to natural and man-made disasters in Japan and the United States.

All are welcome to join the events, held in STH 625. The event will also be part of the International Education Week (IEW).

Professor Liah Greenfeld

Professor Liah Greenfeld



The Sociology Dept. & WGS Program Co-Sponsor Lecture Event “From Combahee to Black Lives Matter”

October 13th, 2016 in Events, Faculty, News.

Professor Cati Connell will deliver the opening remarks at the 7th Annual Sedgwick Lecture in Gender and Sexuality Studies on October 25, 5 pm, titled: “From Combahee to Black Lives Matter”


Professors Saida Grundy & Nazli Kibria Speak on Social Citizenship

September 23rd, 2016 in Faculty, News.

Professors Saida Grundy and Nazli Kibria were selected to partake in one of a series of Rhett Talks. The topic of this talk was “Beyond the Legal, Past the Political: Social Citizenship and Who Still Doesn’t Have It”

Talk with Saida Grundy:

Talk with Nazli Kibria: