Courtney Feldscher

Sociology 248D | Courtney Feldscher


Courtney L. Feldscher is Ph.D. Candidate in the Sociology Department at Boston University. Her research interests include work & organizations, community sociology, economic sociology, the sociology of media and popular culture, and criminology. She is particularly interested in the real estate market in terms of the social, economic, and cultural meanings embedded in the concept of home ownership. In particular, how homeowners’ associations develop, manage, and protect meaning and value. Her dissertation, entitled “Home Sweet Home? – Intra-Organizational Conflict in Homeowners’ Associations”, explores the scope, scale, and sources of conflict in homeowners’ associations.

In addition to her dissertation research, Courtney L. Feldscher is working on a research project examining media discourses about home ownership pre- and post-economic crisis. She also frequently teaches courses including The Sociology of Work, Sociological Methods, The Sociology of Popular Culture, The Sociology of Media and Mass Communications, and Film & Society at Boston-area universities including Boston University, The University of Massachusetts, Boston, and Tufts University.

Prior to her arrival at Boston University, Courtney L. Feldscher graduated with honors and degrees in Sociology and Criminology from the University of Maryland, College Park and worked as a Trademark & Intellectual Property Analyst for a leading trademark and research copyright firm based in Manhattan. She hails from Long Island, New York.


Courtney L. Feldscher is the 2010 recipient of the Byron Hanke Fellowship for Graduate Research awarded by the Foundation for Community Association Research and a 2010 recipient of the Boston University Morris Dissertation Research Grant.


Trade Publications

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