Cara Bowman

Cara Bowman

Cara Bowman

Ph.D Candidate

Sociology 243 |

Curriculum Vitae


Cara Bowman received her B.A. in Sociology and Spanish from Trinity College in Hartford, CT in 2005. She spent two years working for Citizen Schools, a national non-profit that runs expanded learning time programs at middle schools.  As part of Boston University’s Sociology Department, she has taught Economic Sociology and American Families. She also spent five semesters as a Graduate Writing Fellow, teaching a course titled, “Consumer Society and American Families: A Sociological Perspective.” Her dissertation research is based on qualitative interviews with parents and high schools students who are in the process of preparing to apply to college. She is exploring the various emotional and economic decisions involved, and how the strategies employed by parents and their children may reinforce and strengthen social class boundaries between the college-educated and non-college educated in the U.S.  Her research speaks to a variety of subfields within sociology including: social class and inequality, consumption, economic sociology, family sociology, and cultural sociology.


Kibria, Nazli, Cara Bowman and Megan O’Leary. 2014. Race and Immigration. Cambridge, UK: Polity Press.

Research and Teaching Interests

Family Sociology
Economic Sociology
Social Class & Mobility
Race & Ethnicity
Writing & Research
Cultural Sociology