Sociology Testing Accomodations

Sociology Testing Accommodations Guidelines

In an effort to streamline and more closely oversee make-up exams, we provide the following new guidelines. Make-up exams and other accommodations will be held at designated times and locations.

For this new semester we are trying out something new to assist with scheduling accommodation and make-up exams.   Please use the Calendly form below to schedule your students that need to take an exam. We have limited space and time for exams, and this calendar reflects that reality.

When using the Calendly form, after you have determined a date, you will be asked to select either the quiet space (one student) or the group room (up to four students).  Please note that we are unable to provide proctoring for exams, although we will store backpacks and phones for the duration of the exam. If you are having difficulty finding a time for your student, please stop by or phone the front office at 617.353.2591 to set a time with us.

Unfortunately, there is no ability to upload exams to this form.  Please indicate that you will either email the exam to (CC or drop off the exam at the front office.

Please save this link to choose exam times for your student: