Nicole Aschoff


Ph.D, Johns Hopkins University (2010)Naschoff

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Nicole Aschoff received her B.A. in History from Rutgers University in 2002 and her Ph.D. in Sociology from the Johns Hopkins University in May 2010. Her research interests lie at the intersection of labor, global political economy, development, and comparative/historical sociology.

Underlying Nicole’s research is a deep appreciation for the challenges posed by capital restructuring, globalization, and financialization for both workers and developing states. She is currently working on a book that examines the trajectory of the North American automobile industry following the social, economic, and political crises of the late 1970s.

Nicole also has a forthcoming book The New Prophets of Capital (Verso 2015). The book presents a critical analysis of mythmaking in capitalism by examining four popular figures whose ideas represent a new strain of market-led solutions to the problems of inequality, poverty, and environmental degradation.


Recent Publications

Aschoff, Nicole. 2011. “A Tale of Two Crises: Labour, Capital and Restructuring in the US Auto Industry,” The Crisis and the Left: Socialist Register 2012, ed. Greg Albo, Vivek Chibber, and Leo Panitch.

Arrighi, Giovanni, Nicole Aschoff and Ben Scully. 2010. “Accumulation by Dispossession and its Limits: The Southern African Paradigm Revisited,” Studies in Comparative International Development , Dec., 10.1007/s12116-010-9075-7.