Faculty & Staff


Nancy T. Ammerman | Professor: Specializes in the sociology of religion, especially American religious organizations and the social construction of individual religious identities.

Emily Barman | Associate Professor: Focus areas are Sociology of the Nonprofit Sector; Organizations; Economic Sociology; Community; and Sociology of Culture.

Ruha Benjamin | Assistant Professor: Areas of study include the sociology of science and medicine; racialization and the African diaspora; science policy, public health, and critical social theory.

Japonica Brown-Saracino | Assistant Professor: An ethnographer whose research and teaching interests include community and urban and cultural sociology, as well as the study of sexualities.

Catherine Connell | Assistant Professor: A qualitative researcher interested in the intersections of gender, sexuality, and work.

Jeff Coulter | Professor: A theorist who writes about ethnomethodology, the nature of the “mind-body problem,” and the way humans create and use language.

Susan Eckstein | Professor: Does research on developing countries, especially Latin America, focusing on matters of social and political justice, social movements, and immigration.

Julian Go | Associate Professor: A comparative-historical sociologist with a focus on culture and theory, studying especially empires, postcolonialism, global social processes, and the dynamics of meaning-making

Liah Greenfeld | Professor: A preeminent authority on nationalism, her current research focuses on the interrelations between culture and the mind.

Alya Guseva | Associate Professor: Research fields encompass economic and medical sociology, examining markets, post-communist transitions, consumer credit, reproduction and fertility, and commercial surrogacy.

Joseph Harris | Assistant Professor: Specializes in political sociology, global health and healthcare policy, development and social change, globalization, and medical sociology.

Stephen Kalberg | Associate Professor: A sociological theorist famous for his writing on Max Weber, doing work on comparative political cultures and the sociology of citizenship.

Nazli Kibria | Professor and Department Chair: Specializes in the sociology of migration, especially in relation to family life and identity formation, with a focus on South Asian diasporas.

Ashley Mears | Assistant Professor: Researches how culture is produced, how markets in creative industries work, and how social values constitute economic realms.

Sigrun Olafsdottir | Associate Professor: Specializes in medical sociology, sociology of mental health, political sociology, and cultural sociology.

John Stone | Professor: Focuses on comparative race and ethnic relations, international migration, social change and sociological theory.

David Swartz | Assistant Professor: Studies elites and stratification, education, culture, religion, and social theory, especially the political sociology of Pierre Bourdieu.

Peter Yeager | Associate Professor: Specializes in the sociology of law, criminology and deviancy, with research interests in the construction and enforcement of rules in business and professional settings.

Adjunct Faculty

Susan Holsapple | Lecturer:  Investigates social stratification with a specific focus on gender and inequality in health care.

Patricia Rieker | Visiting Professor: Specialties include cross national comparisons in gender and health, explanations of health disparities and health outcomes, and evaluation of public health interventions

Nicole Aschoff | Lecturer: Focuses on labor, global political economy, development, and comparative/historical sociology

Itai Vardi | Lecturer: Studying collaboration in the Chemical Sciences as part of an NSF-funded research.

Maureen Sullivan | Lecturer

Michaela Pfadenhauer | Visiting Professor

Affiliated Faculty

Peter L. Berger | Institute on Culture, Religion, and World Affairs

Walter D. Connor | Department of Political Science

Hillel Levine | Division of Religious and Theological Studies

Karen Lutfey | New England Research Institutes

Merry White | Department of Anthropology


Emeritus Faculty

Brigitte Berger

Peter Berger

Adelaide M. Cromwell

Mark G. Field

Murray Melbin

S.M Miller

Bernard Phillips

George Psathas

James Teele

Paule Verdet


Administrative Staff

Nazli Kibria, PhD | Department Chair

Julian Go, PhD | Director of Graduate Studies

Alya Guseva, PhD | Director of Undergraduate Studies

Anna Bakanova: | Department Administrator

Keryn Egan: | Undergraduate Program Coordinator

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