Social Value Workshop

May 22, 2014
BU Photonics Center, Room 901

The Social Value Workshop will be held May 22, 2014, at Boston University, hosted by the Department of Sociology. This workshop is a gathering of faculty, graduate students, and scholars who examine “social value.” Actors who pursue social value are located across a multitude of societal spheres and include nonprofits (e.g. museums, schools, and human service agencies), hybrid entities (e.g. social enterprises and B corps), and socially responsible companies (corporations with socially beneficial production processes and/or products). While much attention has been given to the rise of these private, non-governmental social missions organizations, social scientists have yet to advance a systematic account of social value as a distinct order of worth. While a long-standing debate exists as to the meaning of the public or collective good, we know much less about how those actual organizations, groups, and individuals involved in this project actually “do good” – how they understand the pursuit of social value. The event provides an opportunity to share and receive constructive feedback on both completed research and works in progress.

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