Luncheon Celebrates Achievements, End of 2013-14 Academic Year

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May 5th, 2014

2014 Faculty

Faculty in Attendance at End of Year Lunch
(from left to right) Back Row: Joseph Harris, David Swartz, John Stone;
Middle Row: Japonica Brown-Saracino, Nancy Ammerman, Alya Guseva, Emily Barman, Ashley Mears;
Front Row: Ruha Benjamin, Nazli Kibria, Patricia Rieker, Susan Eckstein.

2014 Graduate Students

Graduate Students in Attendance at End of Year Lunch
(from left to right) Back Row: Megan O’Leary, Donald Gillis, Sasha White;
Middle Row: Rebecca Farber, Connor Fitzmaurice, Taylor Cain, Pamela Devan, Emily Philipp;
Front Row: Alaz Kilicaslan, Sarah Hosman, Elina Tochilnikova, Christina Jarymowycz;

The Department of Sociology celebrated the end of the 2013-2014 Academic Year on Monday, May 5th with the traditional annual luncheon. Highlights include saying goodbye to Professor Ruha Benjamin, who has accepted a position with Princeton University’s African American Studies Department, wishing our three Graduating Work Study Students well in their future endeavors – Congratulations to Shamoore Simpson, Jackie Robichaud and Jason Balsamo! –  and celebrating the promotions of Professors Japonica Brown-Saracino (to Associate Professor) and Julian Go (to Full Professor).

Have a wonderful summer, everybody!

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