Minor in Muslim Cultures

Prerequisites: To fulfill this minor, students will be required to complete a language course numbered 212 or higher in Arabic (LY), Persian (LZ), or Turkish (LT).  In order to complete this requirement, a student must take all prerequisite language courses or a placement test.

Required Courses: All of the following courses are currently available at Boston University or will be offered during the 2015-2016 academic year.  These courses are listed in the College of Arts and Sciences in the departments of Anthropology, Archaeology, Art History, History, International Relations, Modern Languages and Comparative Literature, Political Science, Religion, and Sociology.  This list may be expanded to include other relevant departments and courses.

One course in Religion is required for this minor and can be taken from the following list:

RN 214 – Introduction to Islam
RN 316 – Modern Islam
RN 338/638 – Mysticism and Philosophy: Medieval Jewish Perspectives
RN 340 – The Qur’an
RN 341 – Sufism
RN 344 – Islam and the West
RN 345 – Islamic Law
RN 346E – History and Religion: North African Issues
RN 347 – Islamic Philosophy and Theology

One course in Humanities is required from the following list:

AH 220 – Islamic Art
AH 313 – Imperial Reflections: Early Modern Islamic Art and Architecture
AH 314 – After Genghis Khan: Art and Architecture in Central Asia and Iran
LY 284 – Arabs Write War: Poetry, Prose, and Drama since 1948
LY 350 – Introduction to Modern Arabic Literature
LY 441 – 1001 Nights in the World Literary Imagination
LY 470 – Topics in Arabic Literature
LT 218 – Istanbul at a Crossroads
LZ 381 – Rumi and Persian Sufi Poetry
XL 223 – Introduction to Comparative Literature: Middle Eastern Literature
WS 305 (B1) Critical Issues in Women’s Studies: Sex and Violence on the Silk Road

One course in Language numbered 212 or higher in Arabic (LY), Persian (LZ), or Turkish (LT).

Elective Courses:  Of the three remaining courses, students will have the flexibility of choosing courses that reflect their interests and course of study. Two of the remaining courses must be taken from an approved list of Humanities (HU) courses. One course must be taken from an approved list of Social Sciences (SS) courses.