Sociology Courses

CAS SO 328 – Contemporary South Asian Societies
The course offers a broad introduction to contemporary South Asian societies. With a focus on the conceptual themes of modernity and identity, selected topics are explored, including South Asian ethnic and political conflicts, women’s movements, popular culture, and diaspora communities.

CAS SO 438 – Seminar on International Migration
The movement of people across borders is certainly not something that is new. But international migration has arguably become more prominent and significant in the contemporary era of globalization. Reflecting these developments, in sociology as well as other social science disciplines, the topic of international migration is increasingly recognized as an important subfield of study. This seminar course on international migration will provide graduate students and advanced level undergraduate students with an overview of the major conceptual themes and perspectives that mark the study of international migration within sociology, ranging from theories of transnationalism to ongoing debates about the impact of migrant labor flows on sending societies. The course includes several “case-studies” of specific trends or phenomena such as the experience of women migrant domestic workers as well as the rise of revivalist Islam among migrant Muslim youth in Western societies.