Medical Anthropology Courses

GMS MA 620 – World Religions and Healing                                                                   
An introduction to approaches to healing integral to Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, African, African-descended, Latin American, Chinese, Native American traditions, and to some of the outcomes of their interactions, in relation to the experience of affliction and suffering. Draws on source materials from history, religious studies, and medical anthropology.

GMS MA 680 – Culture, Migration, and Mental Health

This course explores the ways in which mental health and illness are constructed by and for those who migrate across national, cultural, and other borders. We will examine the historical development of the fields of psychology, psychiatry, and social work in the context of Western societies, in parallel with the anthropological study of ritual, violence, ecstatic and possession experiences in non-Western societies. We will then explore debates in cross-cultural mental health care that bring these historical disciplines into dialogue, particularly in the context of programs for the treatment of refugee and immigrant mental health. The intersection of political, economic, religious, and gender issues in the construction of mental health will also be considered. (Students needing a 4th credit should speak with the instructor about adding a single-credit directed study).

GMS MA 682 – Islamic Medicine and Healing
A history of medicine and healing traditions among Muslims: the role of the Prophet Muhammad; emergence of classical Islamic medicine; influence of legal/moral traditions; development of hospitals in the Muslim world; influence of Sufi philosophy, practices, and shrines; effects of biomedicine; “revival” of Islamic medicine, and emergence of alternative medicines.