History Courses

CAS HI 257 – Early Medieval Spain
History of Spain from the fifth through thirteenth centuries: late Roman Spain, Visigoths, Islamic conquest, society and culture of Islamic Spain, rise of Christian kingdoms; conquest and settlement of Andalusia, social relations and cultural exchange among Christians, Muslims, and Jews.

CAS HI 347 – Reconstructing the African Past
Discusses the uses of archaeological evidence and oral tradition, as well as primary and secondary documentation, in the study of precolonial African history: early states and empires, kinship, cosmology and social order, slavery and the slave trade, origins of racial conflict in southern Africa.

CAS HI 354- History and Religion: North African Issues
Explores how the colonial experience shaped North African culture and society, and how the North African postcolonial state negotiated the legacy of colonialism and responded to the dynamics underpinning global politics. (Rabat Program)

CAS HI 382- Turko-Persia in the Twentieth Century
This course covers the twentieth-century history of the non-Arab Muslim Middle East, i.e., Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, and Central Asia.  The constitutional revolutions in Turkey and Iran, Kemalism, the Islamic revolution in Iran, and communism in the Soviet Union and Afghanistan will be analyzed.

CAS HI 387 – Introduction to the Middle East
General introduction to the history, culture, and current development in the Middle East. Objective is to introduce students to a specific geographical and historical experience as well as to acquaint them with some of the literature in the field.

CAS HI 389- Americans and the Middle East
Examines the intersecting histories of America and the Middle East from the late eighteenth century to the present, focusing first on American missionary and educational efforts in the region and then on American military and political involvement after World War II.

CAS HI 392 – The History of Israel: An Introduction.
Beginning with Israel’s creation in 1948, this course covers the political and military history of Israel, including the 1956 War with Egypt, the 1967 War, and the State’s development to the present day. It also covers immigration and the Palestinian question.

CAS HI 393 – Topics in the History of Israel Special topics in the history of Israel. Topics differ from year to year. Topic for Fall 2013: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. The challenges of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, historical trajectories, conflicting narratives,and possible solutions through primary sources and film. Students present reflections on the history of the conflict, debate its future implications, and discuss challenges both societies are facing.

CAS HI 397- History of Modern Iran, 1900-Present
Geographical/historical background; social structure, ethnic, religious, and linguistic diversities; Anglo-Russian interventions; consequences of tobacco concession; constitutional revolution and reform; Qajar legacy; centralization, secularization, modernization under Pahlavis; oil and Mossadeg; autocracy and revolution; liberals, communists, fundamentalists, and Islamic revolution.

CAS HI 484 – Revolutionary Change in North Africa and the Middle East
Analysis of problems of revolutionary change and development theories as they apply to North Africa and the Middle East. Reading colloquium.

CAS HI 485 – Selected Problems in the Modern Middle East
Major events in recent history of the Middle East: emergence of nationalism and intellectual awakening of the Ottoman Empire; impact of western economic penetration; effect of partition; seeds of conflict and Egyptian transformation under Nasser.

CAS HI 486 – Islamic History
Examination of major historical forces that determined the growth and character of Islamic civilization from beginnings to modern times.

CAS HI 548 (AH 539 / AN 539 / RN 563) – Muslim Societies: An Interdisciplinary History
Introduces students interested in Muslim Societies to the main themes, states, empires, faiths, and ideologies of the Muslim world, while taking advantage of the wealth of resources Boston University has to offer across its many departments. The areas included within the course range from North and West Africa, through the Middle East, to Turkey, Iran, and then to Central, South and Southeast Asia.

CAS HI 591- The Making of the Modern Middle East
Examines the modern Middle East, with its new and old states and its current contested frontiers, as a product of European rivalries in the region in war and peace, 1798-1922.

CAS HI 592 – The Birth of a State: Israel 1945-1955
Establishment of the State of Israel, 1945-1955. Immediate context following World War II and the Holocaust, out of which the State of Israel was created. Will consider the War of Independence and relations with Israel’s Arab neighbors and internal political developments.

CAS HI 595- Morocco: History on the Cusp of Three Continents
Explores the range and limits of social mixture–cultral, political, economic as three civilizations met at the northwest corner of Africa and influenced one another from the eight to the twenty-first centuries.

CAS HI 596-Muslim Societies: An Interdisciplinary History
Prereq: Junior standing or consent of instructor.Examines the states, empires, faiths, and ideologies of the Muslim world over a 1500-year period, including states from North and West Africa, through the Middle East, to Turkey, Iran, and then to Central and Southeast Asia. Also offered as CAS AH 539, AN 548, and RN 563.