History of Art and Architecture Courses

CAS AH 220 – Islamic Art and Architecture
Examines key monuments of Islamic art and architecture within their historical and cultural context, and emphasizes the diversity within the visual cultures of the Islamic world.

CAS AH 317 – Morocco to Timbuktu: Art and Architecture at the Saharan Crossroads Cultural exchange between North and West Africa, and its impact on art and architecture from the medieval period to the present; the interaction between Islam and other modes of African religious practice and how this interaction influenced African aesthetic expression. No language prerequisites.

CAS AH 428 – Seminar, Islamic Art: Kings, Heroes and Lovers: Islamic Painting and the Arts of the Book
This course will examine the manuscript traditions of the Islamic world, with particular attention to painting and calligraphy. A broad variety of manuscripts will be examined from the point of view of production, patronage, aesthetics and reception. Different genres such as religious, historical, and literary manuscripts will be explored. Concepts of artistic transmission, the development of an aesthetic tradition, and dynastic styles will be examined via specific examples.

CAS AH539 (AN 548 / HI 596 / RN 563) – Muslim Societies: An Interdisciplinary History
Introduces students interested in Muslim Societies to the main themes, states, empires, faiths, and ideologies of the Muslim world, while taking advantage of the wealth of resources Boston University has to offer across its many departments. The areas included within the course range from North and West Africa, through the Middle East, to Turkey, Iran, and then to Central, South and Southeast Asia.

CAS AH 540 – Europe and the Islamic World: Medieval, Early Muslim Cultural Exchange
Cultural exchange between Europe and the Islamic world, and its impact on visual culture during the late medieval and early modern periods; the transmission of aesthetic concepts and visual traditions via specific patrons, artists, and works of art and architecture.