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Marakesh_MarketUndergraduate opportunities and Boston University make up the core of the Institute’s academic program.

Undergraduate Courses
Boston University offers over 80 undergraduate courses in 11 different departments on the Charles River and Medical Campuses.  Undergraduate Students may take courses focusing on Islam and Muslim societies in a variety of different fields, subjects, and time periods.  Learn more about undergraduate Muslim Studies courses.

Undergraduate Minors
Additionally, the Institute is pleased to offer two undergraduate minors, the Minor in Muslim Societies (SS) and the Minor in Muslim Cultures (HU).  Students who complete one of these minors will be uniquely positioned with a better understanding of the Muslim world in a time when misconceptions have been widely proliferated. Each minor offers the undergraduate student explorative possibilities and maximum flexibility. Both minors can prepare post-baccalaureate students for careers in anthropology, archeology, history, art and literature, health, and diplomacy.  Learn more about the Muslim Studies minors.

Study Abroad Opportunities
Through the Boston University office of International Programs, there are multiple opportunities for undergraduate students to experience different facets of Islamic culture directly.  The signature study abroad program sends interested students for a semester in Rabat, Morocco for intensive Arabic study and cultural immersion.  Additional programs are available in Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey.  For additional information on these programs, please see the International Programs web site.