Events AY 2009-2010

U.S.-Iran Relations: Confrontation, ‘Engagement,’ Sanctions-and Then?

banuaziziApril 13 , 2010
by Dr. Ali Banuazizi

Boston College Professor Dr. Ali Banuazizi traces recent history of U. S.-Iranian Relations.



An Exploration of Muslim Humor

marzolphNovember 16, 2009
by Dr. Ulrich Marzolph

A professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Goettingen, Germany, and a senior member of the editorial committee of the “Enzyklopaedie des Maerchens”. In his presentation, Dr. Marzolph presented an exploration of Muslim humor.

Murder in the Name of Honor

husseiniNovember 10, 2009
by Rana Husseini

Feminist and human rights defender, Jordanian Rana Husseini is a leading international investigative journalist, whose reporting has put violence against women on the public agenda around the world. Husseini discussed her recent book, Murder in the Name of Honor, which chronicled the many cases of so-called honor killings that she has uncovered during years of international investigative reporting.

In Afghanistan

loynOctober 5, 2009
by David Loyn

SMSC hosted its second presentation on Afghanistan for AY 2009-10 with BBC journalist and author, David Loyn. Mr. Loyn presented highlights from his new book, In Afghanistan and took questions from the audience.

Rediscovering Afghanistan’s Hidden Treasures

hiebertSeptember 14, 2009
by Dr. Fredrik Hiebert

SMSC inaugurated its fourth year of programming with a lecture on Afghanistan featuring National Geographic Fellow, Dr. Fredrik Hiebert. In the presentation titled, “Rediscovering Afghanistan’s Hidden Treasures,” Dr. Hiebert outlined the back story of how the historical treasures of the Kabul museum were rediscovered after disappearing for more than 30 years.