Religion Courses

CAS RN 504 (AH 504)- Topics in Religion and the Visual Arts: Religious Architecture in Islam
In-depth discussion of special issues in the study of religion and art. Topic changes each year. May be repeated for credit. Topic for Fall 2009: Religious Architecture in Islam: Mosques, Shrines, and Tombs. Also offered as CAS RN 504.

GRS RN 640- The Quran
The emergence of the Quran as a major religious text, its structure and literary features, its principle themes and places within the religious and intellectual life of the Muslim community.

GRS RN 641- Islamic Mysticism- Sufism
Rise and development of the mystical movement in early Islam; analysis of the thought of leading Sufi brotherhoods, their organization, liturgy, and religious life; the impact of Sufism on classical and postclassical Islam.

GRS RN 643- Global Islam
An historical and comparative study of Islam in its diverse regional and cultural settings: the near East, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, China, the former Soviet Union, and the West. Islam’s spread, adaptability, and role as a catalyst for social change.

GRS RN 644- Islam and the West
Considers centuries of cooperation and conflict between Islam and the West, including the “Golden Age” of Islamic Spain, the Crusades, medieval European views of Islam, enslaved Muslims in the New World, colonialism and its legacies, and Western Muslim communities today.

GRS RN 645 (RN 345/TX 845)- Islamic Law
A survey of major trends in Islamic jurisprudence from the seventh century to the present; the structure of Islamic law, its regulative principles, its place in Islamic society, and the mechanisms by which it is elaborated and applied.

GRS RN 647 (RN 347/TX 897)- Islamic Theology and Philosophy
An introduction to the most important philosophers and theologians in Islamic intellectual history, with a focus on the concepts they articulated and the movements they engendered.

GRS RN 675 (RN 375/AN 375/AN 775/TX 875)- Culture, Society and Religion in South Asia
Ethnographic and historical introduction to the Indian subcontinent with a focus on the impact of religion on cultural practices and social institutions.

GRS RN 725 (RN 425/TX 825)- Topics in South Asian Religion
Specific aspects of South Asian religions within a historical or comparative/ phenomenological framework.  Topic varies per semester (as does relevancy with this proposed minor).

GRS RN 729 (RN 429/AN775/TX 875)- Culture and Religion in South Asia

GRS RN 735 (RN 435/TX 836)- Women, Gender and Islam
Investigates the way Muslim religious discourse, norms, and practices create and sustain gender and hierarchy in religious, social, and familial life. Looks at historical and contemporary challenges posed to these structures.

GRS RN 991- Directed Studies in Islamic Studies

GRS RN 992- Directed Studies Islamic

GRS RN 993- Directed Studies in Classical Arabic

GRS RN 994- Arabic