History Courses

CAS HI 591 (IR 591)- The Making of the Modern Middle East
Examines the modern Middle East, with its new and old states and its current contested frontiers, as a product of European rivalries in the region in war and peace, 1798-1922.

CAS HI 594- The Armenian Genocide
Examines the emergence of the Armenian Question in the Ottoman Empire as a national and international issue. Analysis of Armenian-Turkish relations after the Young Turk revolution in 1908. Focuses on the processes of genocide, survivor memory, and international responses.

CAS HI 595- Morocco: History on the Cusp of Three Continents
Explores the range and limits of social mixture– cultural, political, economic– as three civilizations met at the northwest corner of Africa and influenced one another from the eighth to the twenty-first centuries.

GRS HI 827 (HI 327)- Medieval Spain
History of Spain from the fifth through thirteenth centuries: late Roman Spain, Visigoths, Islamic conquest, society and culture of Islamic Spain, rise of Christian kingdoms; conquest and settlement of Andalusia, social relations and cultural exchange among Christians, Muslims, and Jews.

GRS HI 892 (HI 392)- The Middle East
General introduction to the history, culture, and current development in the Middle East. Objective is to introduce students to a specific geographical and historical experience as well as to acquaint them with some of the literature in the field.

GRS HI 893- History of Northern Africa

GRS HI 903- Directed Study African History

GRS HI 905- Directed Study Middle Eastern History