Art History Courses

CAS AH 504 (RN 504)- Topics in Religion and the Visual Arts: Religious Architecture in Islam
In-depth discussion of special issues in the study of religion and art. Topic changes each year. May be repeated for credit. Topic for Fall 2009: Religious Architecture in Islam: Mosques, Shrines, and Tombs. Also offered as CAS RN 504.

CAS AH 540- Europe and Islam
Cultural exchange between Europe and the Islamic world, and its impact on visual culture during the late medieval and early modern periods; the transmission of aesthetic concepts and visual traditions via specific patrons, artists, and works of art and architecture.

CAS AH 541- Courtly Commissions: Ottoman Art and Architecture
Explores the artistic patronage of the Ottoman court, fifteenth to seventeenth centuries. Questions of self-fashioning, artistic agency, courtly behavior, decorum, and the formation of an imperial style frame the discussion of specific works of art and architecture.

GRS AH 713 (AH 313)- Imperial Reflections: Early Modern Islamic Art and Architecture
Architecture, manuscripts, textiles, metalwork, and ceramics of the Mughal, Ottoman, and Safavid Empires. Focus on the formation of imperial styles, intersections between art and politics, and the importance of the arts in dynastic legitimization.