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Muslim Studies Program supports the activities of graduate students and doctoral candidates researching the many fields that comprise Muslim Studies. This support mission includes the provision of fellowships, creation of public fora, and small assistance grants.

Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Muslim Studies is offered by the Pardee School and the Muslim Studies Program at CURA.


Muslim Studies Fellowships
Starting in 2005, the Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences provided two Dean’s Fellowships in support of Muslim Studies initiatives. One fellowship is offered through the Department of Anthropology. The other is offered through the Division of Religious and Theological Studies (DRTS/Department of Religion). Each fellowship provides tuition support and a stipend for one year. Doctoral candidates interested in applying for these fellowships are requested to apply directly to the departments.

Fellowship in Persianate Studies

In the Fall 2010, the Institute offered a Fellowship in Persianate Studies. This fellowship is available to doctoral candidates with a research focus in Central and Southwest Asia (sometimes referred to as Turco-Perisa) in all departments. The fellowship provided tuition support and a stipend.  Interested candidates were requested to apply directly to departments.  Departments then submit candidates to the Institute for fellowship consideration.

Graduate Courses

Boston University offers over dozens of graduate-level courses in multiple departments in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GRS).  Learn more about the graduate-level courses offered in Muslim Studies.  For additional information on current offerings, please check directly with corresponding departments.

Travel & Support Grants

Periodically, the Institute will accept applications for small travel assistance and research support grants to doctoral candidates and graduate students.  A call for applications is typically announced in the fall semester.  Information on the call for applications will be posted in the News section of this web site and circulated by email.  Graduate students and doctoral candidates interested in this support program are encouraged to subscribe to the Institute’s mailing lists by contacting the staff.