Mizan Project

The Institute for the Study of Muslim Societies & Civilizations is pleased to house Mizan, a new digital scholarship platform fostering public scholarship and supporting research on Muslim societies across the world. Mizan features three main channels of material:


• Mizan Project, which presents discussions of current events; analysis of visual culture; features on libraries and archives with collections of significance to the study of Muslim societies; teaching resources and discussions of pedagogy; and original translations and analysis of primary texts from diverse sources.

• Mizan Journal, the project’s peer-reviewed, open-access journal, Mizan: Journal of Interdisciplinary Approaches to Muslim Societies and Civilizations, published twice annually.

• Mizan Pop, which hosts features, stories, and videos pertaining to various aspects of popular culture throughout the Islamic world.

The initiative is directed by Dr. Michael Pregill, with contributions by scholars from Boston University and many other esteemed academic institutions.

Mizan is made possible through the generous support of the ILEX Foundation. Please visit the site to learn more about this exciting initiative.