Smart Money 101 Workshops


New workshop sessions are being developed on a wide range of money management topics. Listed below are workshops that Smart Money 101 has developed thus far and are available to be scheduled. Go to Upcoming Workshops for a information on workshops currently scheduled. Go to Host a Workshop if you are interested in hosting or co-sponsoring a workshop with Smart Money 101.

Coming to Terms with Student Loan Repayment
Are you getting ready to start repaying your student loans?  Knowledge is power and you need to know as much about your loans as possible. You may have federal, state and/or private educational loans. Attending this workshop does not satisfy your exit counseling requirement, but it will power up your knowledge base! Let us walk you through your repayment options so you can come to terms with your student loans.

Summer Working, Summer Not
Learn how to get the most out of your summer break with a little careful planning. It’s all about setting priorities; should you get a job, an internship, take classes, study abroad or vacation? Consider every option and make good use of all the resources available to you.

Understanding Your Paycheck: Keeping Up with the Cash
Your first professional job paycheck: learn why it could be an eye-opening experience. Get information on what impacts your take-home pay and what you’ll have left to spend. Get tips on how to organize your financial life as a working professional; like, how to spend strategically, how to save, and how to avoid getting sucked into credit card debt.

Credit Report Forensics
Do you know how to get a copy of your credit report? Do you know how to read it? Do you understand how your credit score is calculated, how your spending and payment habits affect your score, how your credit score will impact the rest of your financial life, and why? Learn how to mark and bag all the evidence that turns up on your credit report.

Taking Care of Business: Manage Your Money and Renew Your Financial Aid
Get on board with the basics: budgeting tools for your lifestyle, everything you always wanted to know about your credit report, and more. Plus, hit the replay button for the upcoming school year on your all-important financial aid application, including important forms and deadlines.

We offer lots of suggestions to help you manage your money, but we are not financial planners or investment counselors and cannot offer financial advice or recommendations. Our goal is to provide helpful information you can use every day to improve the quality of the decisions you make about your money.