Outdoor Communications Research

The ERC Outdoor Communications and Transportation research will facilitate the investigation of issues related to medium-range LED-based communication derived from outdoor lighting. This lighting is common in public and private infrastructure and as mandated by building codes (e.g., street, building, and signage illumination). It is also common on vehicles and in traffic infrastructure including car and air transportation.

Specific scenarios modeled in our research include vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) communications supporting goals of (a) improved safety, (b) reduced carbon emissions, (c) energy conservation, (d) connectivity, (e) improved throughput and latency, and (f) new functionality.

Although LEDs are commonly used in automotive and infrastructure lighting (brake lights, traffic lights), there remain key challenges to achieving effective modulation and communication between devices, especially while they are moving or in the presence of sunlight.

The testbed facilities will include LED-based traffic signaling devices, outdoor electronic signage, automotive headlights and taillights, and will explore medium range (50m) communications using visible light from LED illumination.

For more information, contact Thomas Little at 617-353-9877 or tdcl @ bu.edu.