Hatice Altug

altug1Faculty Investigator, Nanophotonic Devices for Optical Communications

Associate Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Boston University

altug @ bu.edu

Hatice Altug is Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Division of Materials Science and Engineering, and Faculty Investigator of the Smart Lighting ERC.

Professor Altug’s Laboratory of Integrated Nanophotonics and Biosensing Systems (LINBS) focuses on developing a new generation of smart light sources whose spectral composition, color temperature, polarization, spatial and temporal modulation properties are fully controllable and tunable. These controls in lighting technology will change many aspects of our life from transportation to communication as well as enabling advances in fundamental sciences. In order to achieve these new functionalities, we are using photonic band gap materials. These are man-made nanomaterials with periodic dielectric index modulation that is on the order of wavelength of light. They offer unprecedented control over light and light-matter interaction and open tremendous opportunities to engineer new lighting devices.

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