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Industrial Advisory Board and Membership

The ERC Industrial Advisory board influences product innovation, the market, society, and a new globally competitive workforce.

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The ERC offers two membership levels, with member companies serving on the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB). The IAB  monitors the activities of industrial and non-academic ERC participants, meets semi-annually to evaluate overall strategy and progress, promotes interaction with industry, assists in the transfer of specific technologies to the commercial sector, and seeks outside sources of support.

Industrial Membership Benefits
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Start-up Companies

In addition, the ERC supports the interests of ERC researchers to innovate through the creation of start-up companies.  Newly spawned companies will be able to benefit from the infrastructure provided by the ERC leadership team, core academic partners, innovation partners, incubator facilities, and the Boston University and RPI Schools of Management.

For more information, please contact Linda Grosser, the Boston University SLC Industry Outreach Liaison, or Silvia Mioc, the RPI ERC Industrial Collaboration Director.