Case-Control Study of Breast Cancer in South African Women


To assess whether the use of injectable progestogen contraceptives and of oral contraceptives influences the risk of breast cancer.


Cases of primary invasive breast cancer (474) among African women and women of mixed race, were enrolled from two tertiary care hospitals in Cape Town . Hospital controls (1625) were frequency matched to the cases in a ratio of up to 4:1 on age, ethnic group, and area of residence. Controls for cases referred from outlying areas were enrolled from outlying hospitals. Information was collected from the patients by trained nurses on demographic factors, reproductive and contraceptive history, and risk factors for breast cancer.


Use of injectable progestogen contraceptives was not associated with risk of breast cancer.

Samuel Shapiro M.B., Principal Investigator
Slone Epidemiology Center

Lynn Rosenberg, Sc.D., Co-Investigator
Slone Epidemiology Center

Margaret Hoffman, M.B., Principal Investigator
University of Cape Town

Source of Funding:

National Cancer Institute

Study Period:

1994 to 1997

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