Emma W. Viscidi, Ph.D.

Emma ViscidiEpidemiologist
Slone Epidemiology Center



B.A., 2005, Trinity College
M.H.S., 2008, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Ph.D., 2013, Brown University School of Public Health

Research Interests:

Dr. Viscidi conducts research on the etiology of specific subtypes of breast cancer, in particular, estrogen-receptor negative breast cancer, the subtype that carries the worst prognosis and disproportionately affects women of African ancestry. She primarily works on a collaborative Program Project which combines data and samples from four epidemiologic studies of breast cancer in African American women for identification of genetic and nongenetic factors related to breast cancer subtypes. Dr. Viscidi is currently working on reproductive factors in relation to risk of breast cancer subtypes.

Before coming to Slone, Dr. Viscidi’s research focused on psychiatric epidemiology, specifically autism spectrum disorders. Her doctoral dissertation was on comorbidity and etiology of autism in children.


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